Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chapter 9 & 10-Learning off the Island

What is making me think with these chapters are two things and that is wow! The Globetrotters which I can remember when I was  much younger how I loved watching them on TV.  I do wonder what went through little Saul's mind when he received that pat on the behind. I've heard of kids never washing their clothes that were touched by someone famous. Curly Neal was a great performer and always gave the crowd a great memory. At least Conroy did not have to seek Mrs. Brown's approval since it was not a school function. The Valentine's Day party for the girl's given by Conroy's wife was a treat for the four girls, excluding the haunted house. My next thought was about the Washington DC trip. The homes that the kids stayed in how the people gave them a place to rest while they were on a trip of a life time. The way Conroy explains the children's reaction is written in a way that I can really see their little faces light up. Today it would be unheard of of a teacher allowing student's to ride on trips in their own car. I'm happy that this trip took place for the kids and that Mr. Conroy was able to give them this educational experience.


  1. Mr. Conroy has been going beyond what is in a teacher's description for work. He is doing what any great teacher would do and making ever opportunity count. I know you mentioned that teacher's today would not even allow the students to ride in their vehicle, which this is true. However, there are so many more factors of why this cannot be done now compared to when Conroy was teaching. Even Mrs. Conroy hosting the Valentine's party was something that you do not see in the educational world today. I remember my sister being taken to a teachers house to enjoy a night of cultural diversity. My sister had to make a dish from any country and share it with her classmates at the party. I recall being very ill when I was in the 1st grade and my teacher coming by my house to check on me. These are things that are not seen anymore and things that have been replaced with teacher meetings.

  2. Yes, that is so true. Times have certainly changed since when we were in elementary school. I believe that to create a bridge of communitication with parents would be to first make an effort to form a rapport with them. Taking time to telephone a student when they have been out. Have the class make cards letting the student know they are missed. I could even have something dropped off at their house for them to eat. Doing these may in fact encourage the student to press forward in their education. Just like the Conroy's did they gave themselves and their home to others.