Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chapters 11 & 12 The turning point I did not see coming.

The word "politicians" can be sweet or sour sounding. In this book for Mr. Conroy I was disgusted at how the things that he did got twisted and turned around in order to make him look like a thief. The boat and the gas, now we know that he was told that it was taking care of and he would not have stolen anything. Even the people of the Island wanted to help Conroy by having a strike and not sending the children to school. We know that this did not last very long, because the parent's would be sent to jail for refusing to sent them to school. They did mean well, and I'm sure Conroy was touched. The boycott had to end. After two months the case would start with some that should have been a friend and not against him and for the record I just did not care for  Ted Stone or Piedmont's character's. Mrs. Brown I now understood that she just wanted to be accepted by others and did not know she was a pawn against Conroy. The case appeared that they had won, but the Judge gave a different verdict. He lost his job and unable to teach again in South Carolina. Conroy has no hatred for any involved and believes that he did not change anything in the Yamacraw kids, but I want to believe that he offered them so much more than just living on the Island and not knowing what was on the other side.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chapter 9 & 10-Learning off the Island

What is making me think with these chapters are two things and that is wow! The Globetrotters which I can remember when I was  much younger how I loved watching them on TV.  I do wonder what went through little Saul's mind when he received that pat on the behind. I've heard of kids never washing their clothes that were touched by someone famous. Curly Neal was a great performer and always gave the crowd a great memory. At least Conroy did not have to seek Mrs. Brown's approval since it was not a school function. The Valentine's Day party for the girl's given by Conroy's wife was a treat for the four girls, excluding the haunted house. My next thought was about the Washington DC trip. The homes that the kids stayed in how the people gave them a place to rest while they were on a trip of a life time. The way Conroy explains the children's reaction is written in a way that I can really see their little faces light up. Today it would be unheard of of a teacher allowing student's to ride on trips in their own car. I'm happy that this trip took place for the kids and that Mr. Conroy was able to give them this educational experience.