Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chapter 1 Pat Conroy

I began reading Pat Conroy’s The Water is Wide this week and I must say, it is written with words of change. Although, there are times in the reading that I’m thinking what in the world is wrong with this guy. I know he was raised in a different time and society was not to keen on allowing for change. The mood of the chapter to me is of trying to get a grip on his guilty for even thinking the way he did and understanding why he did. Denial for people back then was we don’t talk and we don’t befriend anyone that is different. Change did happen or it started to take a change when the horrible murder of Dr. Martin King Jr. happened. All Dr. King wanted was for all to get along and be treated the same (Equal). Then, the episode at the High School happened with the students and that is where the truth of how he really felt surfaced, even for himself, because he was just in denial and not really paying attention to what was happening in the world. I’m not real clear yet as to why he wanted to go and teach African American children so bad was it because he knew that the years past he looked down on them and did not treat them as equal and the guilty was just more than he could bear or was it a way to let society see him doing something that would look good on his resume’. Whatever the reason, I’m sure that in the next chapter it will be clearer of what his actions and intent are for his request.  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My second attempt for blogging yikes!!!

Hello EDN2900,

I had created another blog using a different site, but for some reason I could never get this blog site to show up (late model computer). So today I'm redoing it here on campus. Have a great weekend!!